Ohio Stoneware Crock: Transferring fermenting kimchi

My 1 gallon Ohio Stoneware crock arrived today and since it’s much wider than the 3 qt. crockpot liner and the 1qt. Mason jar that I was using to store my kimchi, I transferred all the ingredients to my new fermenting crock.

Ohio Stoneware fermenting Crock
Ohio Stoneware Fermenting Crock – 1 gallon

Of course, during the transfer, I had the opportunity, to set aside some of the kimchi and sample and I must say it’s tasting great. Boy does it pack a kick!

Fermenting Kimchi_1 8.20.14
Fermenting kimchi – 3 days later


Once I had all the kimchi placed in my stoneware crock, I covered everything with some large collard leaves that came from the garden. I pressed down the produce to make sure it was tightly packed and that the released liquid from the fermentation process covered the produce. This is a very important part of fermenting. I then placed a weighted saucer over the leaves so that the liquid covered the produce.

Fermenting Kimchi_3 8.20.14
Fermenting kimchi with added “weights” to keep the produce compressed.

On top of the saucer, I then placed a ziploc bag filled with water to make sure everything stayed submerged. Afterwards, I placed a cover on top.

I had ordered an appropriate weight for this fermenting crock, but that does not arrive until tomorrow. Since I did not feel like waiting, I improvised! Which I’d already mentioned in my earlier post about these fermented crocks, that you could easily do with things you have around the home.

In my last post, I mentioned I made a few mistakes with this batch of fermented kimchi. Next time, I make the kimchi I’ll slather the produce in a paste,  instead of coating the veggies with the spices. For the “paste” I’ll use sweet rice flour, add liquid and all the other yummy spices that were added in this blend. Who knows, I might add a few more things. However, I can’t complain too much, from what I sampled today this is going to be a delicious kimchi.

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My missus makes enzyme via fermentation of fruit peel and all those kitchen waste. Great for the environment, I guess…and she says it is good for mopping floors and things like that. That stoneware thing would be perfect for her to use – 1 gallon! It seems that if you make with fresh stuff, you can actually consume it:
suituapui recently posted..Day by day…