Passion Play: Sewing and…. weaving!

This past December I posted the the Christmas version of the Piano Guys video, O Come O Come Emmanuel. I love those guys and the song is one of my favorites.

Of course, I’m drooling over some of the beautifully woven period costumes displayed throughout this video. One of my long term goals is to make some period outfits with my 32″ Kromski harp. I’m still learning how to weave so that won’t be happening immediately, but in time… we’ll see what I can create.

Anyway, in that post I commented on the period appropriate costumes that were used within this production and in my mind I was hoping that I would get a chance to do just that with our church’s upcoming Passion Paly.

Earlier this morning, I received an email from the director of our Lutheran Church’s Passion Play. Practice has already begun for that, in fact I was at the play practice last evening taking measurements.

Within that email the director sent me the video I listed below. He asked me if I could make similar costumes for Jesus and the adulterous woman. I will say that this is an answer to prayer, getting the director to have a similar vision as mine with the costumes.  I want too design with appropriate cloth for that time period.

Since I’ve already volunteered my time, that should not be an issue. Also, I have plenty of time to complete the two costumes. You want to know something? I’ll even be weaving! Yep, that’s right! See the drape around Jesus’ neck? I’ll be weaving something similar.

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Oooo! I can’t want to see what you come up with! I LOVE seeing your creations!
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Good luck with your assigned task. Bet you’ll do a great job.
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