Pinterest: Can WordPress users prevent their images from being pinned to Pinterest?


Pinterest has become increasingly popular for many internet users, it gives the user a way to pin items of interest, and can generate additional traffic to the site where the images were found.

However, there are some that aren’t thrilled about this new service. The obvious reason, is the complete disregard (knowingly or unknowingly) that some users go about pinning copyrighted material. Not every site wants their images copied. It’s always a good idea, to read the websites copyright policy before you pin. In doing so, you avoid being sued if a website owner decided to come after you for stealing their original work.

I used Pinterest, briefly, but grew weary of tracking down to make sure what I was repinning wasn’t in violation of the original owners copyright. From my own observation, I’ve seen many users pinning images that weren’t supposed to be copied.

One way to avoid items being pinned, is by implementing a simple code into your header tag.

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

According to Pinterest, if you install the above code to your site a Pinterest user will receive the following message.

This site doesn’t allow pinning to Pinterest. Please contact the owner with any questions. Thanks for visiting!”

Oh by the way, the meta tag information, can be found in the Pinterest Help section under Linking to your Blog or Website.

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Pinterest: How can WordPress users block their images being pinned to Pinterest?

  1. Click on Appearance tab
  2. Click on Editor
  3. Click on Header (header.php)
  4. Insert the code listed below on the line immediately after the <head> tag.
  5. <meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

WordPress Plugin that blocks Pinterest users from copying my images

Users that don’t want to mess around with their themes, can always install the NoPin WordPress Plugin created by Shawn Hooper. It can also be found on the WordPress Addon site; NoPin WordPress Plugin.

Will it stop all pins? I’m sure someone might find a way around it, but it will decrease some of it. Additionally, it’s a good idea to watermark all your copyrighted photos.

Edited to add WordPress Plugin information.

Photo Source: Pinterest


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thanks for that info Opal!
Karen recently posted..A Lazy Saturday


Thanks Opal.

I had found the code for the header yesterday, but hadn’t mentioned it to Karen yet. Her quilt images are the one’s we’ve seen pinned without permission. I applied the code to her blog so that should make it less of an issue.
Mike recently posted..Error 41.

[…] How do I disable right-click on images? Earlier today, I posted ways you could get around people stealing your images. That post was focused on code that could be added to prevent users pinning your images to Pinterest. […]


I recently found out about Pinterest and what it is good for (I know, I am a bit late), and I haven’t really thought ot THIS as a real problem. How cool that there is this plugin for preventing unauthorised usage of our own images. Thanks for letting me know.
Julie recently posted..teeth straightening cost

Nicholle Olores

Such a great article Opal! I never tried pinterest yet but I want have some try of it. Anyway, thanks a lot for the information it helps me on the other side.
Nicholle Olores recently posted..Timber Doors Brisbane


Pinterest is still so new that they will always need to be working hard to stop spammers and people abusing their system. With the “nopin” tip, at least we can start to protect your copyrighted work.
Jessie recently posted..Need A New Car? A Car Loan Could Be The Answer


Thanks for posting the info on the NoPin WP plugin. I just added the No Right Click plugin to our blog today, but the Pinners were still at it — essentially rebuilding all of our content on Pintrest — one pin at a time!

Thanks again.
Ken recently posted..Before & After: Tall Craftsman Wainscoting in Dining Room