Sewing Adventures: Machine embroidering a lunch bag with the Brother Designi0 DZ820E

Although I still haven’t got my mojo back for completing my ruffled shirt, I’m going full steam ahead with the machine embroidery. Last evening, I decided to start making an updated lunch bag for my daughter’s Zojurishi lunch jar.

Embroidery.Creepy Doll_2 10.30.14
Machine embroidering with Brother Designio


And so I sat behind my Brother Designi0 DZ820E and let the machine take over…

Embroidery.Creepy Doll_1 10.30.14
Machine embroidered creepy doll

It feels strange watching a machine do all the embroidery. The only thing I need to do is swap colors and make sure nothing went wrong. I still have another panel to embroider, perhaps I’ll take care of that later today.

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Oh! This is wonderful! LOVE it! Very cute!!!!
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