Sewing Adventures: Resources for the Blind Hemmer machine

Finding information about the Blind Hemming machine has been a challenge; however, I have found a few links that I think are valuable.

You can find that info located in the “resources” section at the bottom of this post. This way, if I get stumped, I can refer to this post for easy reference. Hopefully, it’ll help someone else also because if I’m having trouble finding relevant information about the Blind Hemming machine, others most likely are too.

Resources for the Blind Hemmer machine

  1. Blind Hem Machines
  2. Elasticated blindstitched neckline finish
  3. Stadharn Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland – Machine maintenance

I can’t comment on how to use a Blind Hemming machine, since I have not purchased one yet, but once I do and am comfortable with using one, I’ll try to post a few tutorials about the process.

Reliable blind hemmer machine
Reliable blind hemmer machine

I research before I buy

I guess you could say my recent posts about the blind hemming machine, you get to step into how I go about researching before making a purchase.  It’s not a quick process, which is good since I’m rarely disappointed with my purchases. I take my time, educate and learn as much as possible before I buy



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Gee! Hemming? They sure have everything for anything now. Sure makes life a whole lot easier. I do it by hand. 🙁
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