Something simple; Vegetable Fried Rice

Today has been busy, yesterday was busy too. In fact I didn’t touch my crochet or knitting. I haven’t had a chance to do any today also.

After my clients work was complete, I knew it was time to make dinner. I could have easily prepared finger foods such as sandwiches, salads,  or a filling soup but I decided to make vegetable fried rice.

We haven’t had vegetable fried rice in several weeks. It’s a dish that we love, and I had tons of produce from our garden, that were simply begging to be added to something. Besides, I wanted an excuse to play with my wok. My wok, has been getting a serious workout, ever since I found it again. I prepared it in that. For some reason, my stir fry always seemed to taste better in there. Sort of like how food seems to taste better on a wood stove…

Food: Vegetable fried rice
My daughter had two bowls of this vegetable fried rice.

If I had company I would have made a lovely presentation, but since it was just my daughter and I was tired, I nixed that idea. 🙂

My nine-year old daughter helped prepare the meal. She’s already a fine cook, and will be well prepared when she ventures out on her own. The main ingredients used with this vegetable fried rice were brown rice, cabbage, and carrots.  Sauteed red onions, garlic, and ginger, were included. I set some aside for myself. Afterwards, I cooked an egg in the wok, chopped and mixed with the other ingredients.

I did things a bit differently and made a sweet and sour sauce that was added to the vegetable fried rice. I didn’t use a recipe — I never do, I use whatever inspires me. The end result is it tasted great! My daughter ate two plates of the vegetable fried rice. What’s even better is that there’s leftovers!

In our household the only thing we drink is water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and tea. I made a mango berry smoothie to accompany this meal, my daughter loved that too.

Now comes my favorite time of day, hanging with my daughter… and perhaps I’ll actually be able to work on some knitting.


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