Something that pops…

Well, I’m finally weaving a project! When my daughter saw the warped loom she said, “Mommy, that reminds me of a parrot! It’s bright and colorful! Well, that was just the look I was going for, something that pops. I’m still unsure of what I want for the weft yarn, but that hasn’t stopped me from weaving. Currently, I’m unsure what this will be? Once finished, perhaps the woven cloth will be tucked away for a later sewing project, or I might just use it as a scarf.? We’ll see…

Recently I stumbled upon this video for warping an floor loom and I’ve kept it on file for when I do add one to my stash, as for now I’m perfectly happy with my 32″ Krosmi Harp rigid heddle loom. I’m finally using the stand, actually it’s the first time weaving since I purchased the stand. I must say that having a stand helps out tremendously. I did perfectly fine weaving on the dining room table, but the stand makes it that much easier.



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