The rain dancing worked; plants are happy

Yesterday, I completed a lot of gardening; more onions were planted. We love fresh onions.

Also I planted cucumbers, and more tomato plants and flowers were set out too. So yes, Friday was busy!

Once the gardening was complete, I cut our grass.

Sure, I could have done it the easy way, hop on the riding lawn mower, and breeze through the acre of grass that needed to be cut, but I chose the push mower. The reason was simple; I wanted a good workout.

After tossing my funky clothes into the washing machine, I hopped into the shower. It felt great having the hours worth of dirt, sweat, and funk being washed away. Yes I was smelling funky, quite normal to stink, if you’ve been working outside for a while.

While in the shower, I remember thinking that it’d be great if we received some rain; After picking up my daughter from school, I told her about this, and we did our little rain dance. Truth is… it was just an excuse to dance. We love dancing!

Although I was planning on taking photos of all the yard work that I’d completed, it’ll have to wait until another day; it’s raining.

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You are the third mother I have encountered recently who prefers the push mower. I must admit, I am intimidated by the gas-powered mower, and my husband therefore usually tackles that task. But with a push mower, I could finish the mowing while he is at work AND check my workout off my to-do list. Will be considering…
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Gardening… It’s been a while since I last did that. Speaking of rain dance, my daughter loves it. But she’s embarrassed to be on a video so haven’t managed to get her on one.
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Gale@Storage Post

Opal I am so jealous of all of your vegetables. I live in hot and humid Georgia and trying to keep my vegetable garden alive is a job in itself. I manage to do it though. Also great call with the push mower :).