WoW: Scored Jeeves schematic; So much for sleep…


Last evening, I could not get to sleep and so I stayed up and read and then I did something I have not done in a while.

Just a warning this post won’t mean anything if you aren’t clued into gaming, more specifically, MMORPG’s, but I’m writing about this anyway.

Anyway, last evening, I played a MMOORPG, for about thirty minutes. My MMORPG of choice was World of Warcraft. I still pop on occasionally to play with a few of my online pals.

I will say that because of the game, I have met some great connections both online and in real life. One of my favorite pals, is a retired naval office. He’s much older, but I enjoy chatting with him when he’s playing. I also correspond with him outside the game. He’s good people!

But back to the game…

last evening around 11:30 p.m., I was on my level 75 Mistweaver Pandaran Monk. She’s my engineer/mining. I was at Fitzcrank Airstrip, specifically “grinding” for the Schematic: Jeeves, and it dropped within thirty minutes. I was able to “salvage” it the Scavenge-bot 005-B6. The drop rate from that robot is very low, 0.4%.



Almost two years ago, when I was playing my Paladin, I never saw this schematic drop. I actively looked for it (easily over ten hours over a period of days/weeks) while it at this same airstrip and over in The Storm Peaks, and still came up with nothing on my paladin. So, I must say that I’m glad I scored it on the monk.

Perhaps the persistence has to find this recipe has to with my daughter interest with the game? I told her if she continued to do well, that I would get another WoW subscription for her.

I rarely play the game, because that would be time taken away from us. But since she’s still maintaining an A+ average, I’m getting her a WoW subscription this December. Maintaining that average, takes A lot of dedication on her part, and I’m right there to help her whenever she runs into issues. Jeeves will come in handy running her through dungeons, etc.

Even when she has a WoW subscription, we won’t be gaming too much. There are so many things that we enjoy doing, that during our free time we are rarely glued to a technology gadget. But it will be nice to occasionally meet her within a game. I love video games, but finding the time to actually play one is the challenge.

Funny video of Vin Diesel stating that he has played WoW, you can see that bit around the 6:20 mark.


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I’m one of the few, I guess…not into gaming.
suituapui recently posted..Time to go home…


I made myself quit gaming because I just can’t stop once I get started and will end up playing for hours and hours. But I’ve twice almost gotten Skyrim. πŸ˜‰


I’ve been wanting to get into that for a while. Just haven’t DONE it yet πŸ™‚

I guess I am afraid I would spend TOO much time on it and it would be addicting! LOL
Jennifer recently posted..Fake Meats, Vegan Casseroles, Awesome Vegan Buffalo Sauce, Smoothies, Apple Adventures