A bit deceptive….

Posted by on April 2, 2012 at 1:22 pm.

Wile E Coyote

This morning, when I looked outside, I was greeted by the suns early morning rays, it was warm and beckoned me to come outside for the day.

In my mind I ran down a list of yard work that could be completed, getting ahead of myself, I mentally checked off some of those items too. Yep, even added grilling to that list, since I’ll make any excuse to do that — rain or shine.

Walking Mr. Bentley, our Shih Tzu, It became apparent that those (seemingly) warm sun rays were deceptive;  inside it looked warm, stepping outside was a completely different story. It was cold! Brr… Things aren’t always as the appear, are they?

Most of the outdoor activities are being saved for warmer days, however, we did plant the onions.

And I’m still looking for the library book

After coming back from the quilting group my daughter and I just hung out. We read, played, and are in the process of making paper crafts.

You know what? Sometimes, it’s perfectly ok to put things on hold, if it means spending time with those you care about. Besides, I can start looking for the book tomorrow, I don’t procrastinate often, but this time… it’s worth it. I enjoy spending time with my daughter.

My 200th post…

I mainly write my posts via MarsEdit, a blog editor for Mac computers. However, today I logged into WordPress, to update a few addons, and backup my posts. Judging by my stats, this is my 200th post.

Compared to my older personal site, VeganMomma, I’m seriously slipping since I had three times the amount of posts written by this time. Then again, back then I didn’t have as many websites, as I do now. The majority of my ‘free time’ is devoted to my business sites. Also, I let this site, Celebrate Life, sit dormant for about a year before I started posting again.


  • suituapui says:

    Weather’s very unpredictable these days. VERY hot this morning and I went to send a later and then it started drizzling. Tsk! Tsk! But it didn’t actually rain till around lunchtime and that too, it was only for a while.

    Congrats on your 200th post. What? you’re going on hiatus? Hmmm…will be missing you then.
    suituapui recently posted..The answer…


    Opal Reply:

    @suituapui, Oh sounds like the perfect weather for me to get a lot accomplished outside. 🙂

    Congrats on your 200th post. What? you’re going on hiatus? Hmmm…will be missing you then.

    Thanks, and no, I’m not going anywhere. I was referring to the past when I let this site languish for about a year.
    Opal recently posted..A misplaced library book


  • Julie says:

    You are totally right, sometimes we all need some time out and spend some time with our lovely family. The wok can wait, the kids don’t!
    Julie recently posted..dental crowns cost


    Opal Reply:

    @Julie, Agreed, time is precious, and so I’m enjoying that time now. Before too long, she’ll be grown and won’t be spending as much time with me.
    Opal recently posted..Vegan: Dhal and brown rice with a ginger honey garlic sauce


  • Adrian says:

    Hello Opal, you are same like mom, she also says to spend some time outside in order to revive the real life and that’s what I learned same from your side! Opal I would like to congrat you for your 200th post, i can say you have worked hard to make it done because running a good successful blog and producing so much nice consistent articles,!


    Opal Reply:

    Hi @Adrian, At times it’s more easily said than done, but it’s definitely worth making that time.

    Thanks for the kind wishes, admittedly I have been slacking with my personal site, but as my recent post states, I’m no longer hibernating… and becoming a bit more active with this site.
    Opal recently posted..Moving forward; coming out of hibernation


  • At least you wrote something; happy 200th. See, I can learn more from this blog than the other blog because we both know I’m not going vegan. Well, I would if I could just eat potato chips all day, since they’re vegan, but my body’s been picking me since I tried it one day. Hey, we have to experiment, right?
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted..Dr. King Would Feel Better


    Opal Reply:

    LOL @Mitch Mitchell, Yeah, funny thing is most of my readers weren’t vegan, but I do think I might have seen even more visitors if I hadn’t ‘branded’ myself that way. Which is good — if that’s what you want, but I wrote and showed foods that weren’t vegan/vegetarian. Admittedly, I’m doing it more on this site.

    I’m sure there are some dishes you’d like, but a person can be healthy without being vegetarian. I’ve met some unhealthy vegheads too… 😉
    Opal recently posted..Work in Progress Wednesday; Slippers and cats


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