Adventures in Cooking; Vegan Ranch Fries

Posted by on July 6, 2013 at 11:36 am.

On Independence day (July 4th),my daughter and I were craving fries.

Although I could have made shoestring fries, we both wanted something a bit thicker and with wedges… and so I made ranch fries.

Vegan-Ranch Fries_1

Ready to shake our ranch fries


Five potatoes were cut and tossed into a ziplock bag. Olive oil was added along with other spices/seasonings. After that, I closed the bag andΒ  shook everything.

Vegan-Ranch Fries_3

Ranch fries ready to be slid into the oven


Once the ranch fries were seasoned to my preference, I laid them on a tray and slid them into the oven.

Vegan-Ranch Fries_5

Crispy baked vegan ranch fries




Before long we had some crispy golden ranch fries. Much better than the frozen kind you purchase at the grocery store and my daughter thought they tasted better than the fries we occasionally get at restaurants. Eating at restaurants is a “once in a blue moon” occasion since I much prefer making our meals.



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