Black Beans; quick black bean stiry fry

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I love black beans…

Vegan - Black beans and vegetables_2

Vegan: Black Beans and vegetables


I only use dried beans, I’ve found them much more flavorful (and healthier) than purchasing canned beans. When I prepare dried beans, I normally cook a lot of them in advance, freeze the bulk of the beans and use as needed. It’s simple, and much better than the canned beans purchased from the store.  Black beans are delicious and are loaded with nutrients.

Black Beans: Health Benefits

  • Black beans are great for your cardiovascular health. They’re loaded with soluble fiber; this type of fiber is helpful in lowering your risk of heart disease.
  • Black beans are also great sources of folate (B6) our nervous system depends on this to create the amino acids that it needs to function.
  • Black beans contains several types of flavonoids. Studies have shown consuming these types of flavonoids can help reduce certain types of cancers.
  • Since black beans are a great source of protein and fiber it helps move the food through the stomach and large intestines. Which aids the digestive tract from working too hard.

I added carrots, cauliflower, onions and garlic to this dish. I also added some spices. The cauliflower and garlic came from the garden. I’ve found that fresh garlic tastes much better than the garlic you typically receive from the store. Fresh cauliflower, is amazing also.

I was going to add zucchini, that’s plentiful in our garden but I held off adding it to this dish. However, today, I’ll be using zucchini in a dish.This was a simple, nutritious and delicious meal and was prepared in minutes.



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