Happy Father’s Day, dad….

My earliest memories of my father were on the track…

I was four years old. He was at the track with his running buddy, and there I was, wanting to follow him everywhere. Naturally, I couldn’t keep up with them, but he could see me wherever he was on the track, and years later he told me. That I never gave up, I kept running, as he said, you had great endurance. The fact that I never stopped running until they were finished is no surprise. I wanted to be like him, after all, even at a young age. 

You could say I’m a female version of my father. Even though I look very feminine, I’m not… which I believe my mother didn’t like when I was a child. She wanted a “girly girl” and that wasn’t I, it still isn’t. Persistent, usually smiling, laid back, I enjoy helping others, passionate about my beliefs, but I’m accepting of others too… and I’m a hard worker. I enjoy physical activity, and even if I’m tired, I keep moving. Just like my dad…

My father is now 74 years old, and still physically active, and can still beat people much younger than he in running or lifting weights. It’s not that they are so slow, he’s just that fast and strong. He takes care of himself, and he still possesses other qualities I’ve admired. I’d be thrilled if I’m the same way, if I reach his age. And there’s hope, since I’m following the same course right now. 😉

I don’t need a special day to let my father know how awesome he really is, but it’s nice to have a day to honor him, just the same. 🙂 And you know something, outside of my daughter, he’s the one that receives the majority of my crochet and knitted projects, because he’s craft worthy. 

To all the amazing fathers out there…

I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day.

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Dad’s are awesome 🙂
I spent Saturday with him – working our stand at an event – but still it was FUN. Then I went over to visit for a bit yesterday, too!
Jennifer recently posted..Just Winging It!


Oh yeah! My Dad is goofy, too! I bet your Dad and My Dad would get a long quite well! LOL
Jennifer recently posted..A Perfect Day – Art Journaling Page