Honeybees in May

HoneybeeInstead of getting my honeybees local, I’ve opted to purchase them online mainly because I won’t be ready for them when April comes around. I’m a bit disappointed but I’m happy that I’ll still be able to get my bees this year.

The time I’m an “official bee owner” will only be delayed by one month, so that’s not bad at all. By the time May arrives, I’ll have finally settled on a nice suitable home for the honeybees. Instead of three pounds of bees, I’m seriously thinking about getting six pounds, which will be enough for two beehives.

Honey isn’t the reason I want the bees, I’m getting them for their awesome pollination skills. Last year, we had nice sized produce from our garden. This year, hopefully we’ll have larger produce with the help of the honeybees. Since I have over a month to prepare I’ll be creating another flower garden right near the bees home. Did you know that bees can travel up to 60 miles per day? They’re also fly around 15 miles per hour.

I’ve always been fascinated with honeybees. I don’t view them as pests. Honeybees are amazing pollinators and many of the produce we eat wouldn’t be around without their assistance.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know about my comments! I think I fixed them! I’m extending that contest until tomorrow night if you want to slap a comment on there again.

    The only bees I have a problem with are those Carpenter Bees. They drill holes in our wooded back porch roof! They are nasty!
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    Opal Reply:

    @Jennifer@MyBlissfulJourney, Yeah they like drilling holes into wood, don’t they? We see them around our place quite often.
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  2. I am a honeybee fan too. I’ve collected honeybee figures and stuff toys when I was young and I still do this time. I don’t consider them as pests as well because I can see their great help in the eco-system.
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  3. Do you already have bees? We still have got some snow today, although it’s already spring… I wish I could fly away from this cold…
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