It’s here! I’m loving my chakoner…

My chakoner aka chalk wheel finally arrived.



The first thing I noticed was the packaging, isn’t it pretty? It’s nothing elaborate but I’m impressed by the little touches. When I had my natural skin care company, I received a lot of compliments on the little things I did to make my customers experience memorable. So yes… my packaging was always attractive.




I ordered my chakoner from Sarah Veblen, I found her site when I was searching for chalkoner’s. I sent her an email asking did she have any in stock, and she responded quite quickly to assure me that she had. She also told me she was forwarding my email to her assistant so in case I placed an order it would be processed quickly. I thought that was thoughtful! Included with the package was my invoice and Sarah’s assistant, Marcie, included a nice note. I thought that was a very nice touch. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I used to do the same thing with my business.

So yeah… I’m already having warm fuzzy feelings about Sarah Veblen’s clothing originals.Β  An added bonus is that she’s published a sewing book about sewing perfect fitting patterns and she teaches advanced sewing classes, and she lives in Maryland.

I’m not being paid to link to Sarah in fact you’ll find me linking to various sites quite often on Celebrate Life. I notice that some people are quick to complain when they receive poor service and that can be helpful since it alerts the reader of issues they have, but I think it’s important to recognize exceptional service too. Jennifer, over at My Blissful Journey, is really good at doing this too.

But on to the chakoner. ThisΒ  handy chalk wheel chakoner came at a perfect time, since I’m sewing costumes for my Lutheran church’s upcoming Passion Play. Hopefully this weekend, I’ll have a chance to post pictures of it in action as I mark up the fabric that will be turned into costumes.


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Thanks for the mention πŸ™‚
This looks interesting! I will have to check it out!
I’m a bit of a packaging nut myself, too! Like you said…the little things make it special!

I was wondering…

Did you get your iPad? I can’t remember! I thought you did! I’m giving away an App if you are interested it entering your name into the hat (so to speak!)

LOVE the app!
Jennifer recently posted..VeganDelish App Review & Contest Giveaway!


Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it!!!

Let me know when you get your iPad!!!!
Jennifer recently posted..VeganDelish App Review & Contest Giveaway!