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Posted by on November 30, 2013 at 2:00 am.

This has been a very relaxing Thanksgiving holiday for my daughter and myself. Besides the daily cooking and other household chores we have done nothing. Well… I take that back our ‘nothing’ has been creative. I’ve been knitting and my daughter has been writing and drawing with her Wacom Splash tablet.

Knitted checkered washcloth_3


The past few days I’ve been knitting dishcloths for our house and this morning, I set aside a few hours and started knitting a few facecloths for a coworker. I drew her name and so I’m her Secret Santa.

Knitted checkered washcloth_2

I’m almost finished knitting the second checkered facecloth


I wanted something a bit fancy, so I decided to make checkered facecloths. I used my own pattern. The face cloths are a combination of purl and stockinette stitch done in small blocks, giving it a checkered appearance. You might recall that this past July, I’d knitted a checkered cowl. In that pattern I alternated between purl and seed stitch. Do you know that my daughter has already claimed that for her own? Now that the weather is cold, she wears it to school daily.

But back to those washcloths/facecloths…

Since I don’t know the color scheme of her home, I chose white cotton for my yarn. I must say, I really enjoyed knitting for a few hours today and since my project is small I easily completed one facecloth and am almost finished the second. Besides this present, I will add some homemade bath salts, sugar scrubs, a sew an embroidered bag to carry everything. I think this will make a very nice spa gift package, don’t you? We all deserve to be pampered now and again. I most likely will add a gift card too.  I’ll be sure to post a picture once everything is finished.


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