Knitting: Simple heart

Posted by on June 18, 2012 at 4:34 pm.

This knitted heart was easy to make, but I’m not pleased with it, and so I’m knitting another.

Knitted Heart 2

It’ll be the third heart I’ve knitted in the past two days. The first my daughter immediately claimed for one of her Monster High dolls. No worries, since these hearts knit up quickly. Creating a simple crocheted or knitted item can be a welcome break from the projects that require your undivided attention, such as the paid pattern test that I’m currently crocheting.

Knitted Heart 1

You’ll need to know how to make knitting increases, with this heart, but with the right instructions, it’s fairly simple to complete.

With the third heart, I’m using size 15 circular knitting needles, and a super chunky yarn… I had originally purchased it for a crochet project; however halfway through… I realized I didn’t like the yarn for the item, and I frogged it (ripped out the stitches)… Have you ever had that happen, created something you weren’t satisfied with?

The designer for this pattern, calls it the heart with many uses, and I’d have to agree with her since I’ve already thought of numerous ways these knitted hearts can be used; cat toys, moth repellents, pillows for my daughter’s Monster High dolls, dream pillows, etc.,


  • Jennifer says:

    Well, I think this is DARLING and I LOVE the color!
    Jennifer recently posted..A Perfect Day – Art Journaling Page


    Opal Reply:

    Thanks @Jennifer, I’m my toughest critic… but I’m happy with the third heart. 🙂 I haven’t done too many knitted shapes, mainly clothing. Which is kind of odd since I’ve been knitting for 33 years.

    But I will start doing some knitted amigurumi.
    Opal recently posted..Knitted Coraline sweater; child and adult size


  • Teeni says:

    I don’t know why you didn’t like the heart in the first photo. I think it is adorable, but yes, I can understand being your own worst critic. I have not tried to make anything that small with knitting before. Maybe I should because the larger projects intimidate me too much since I know they are more time-consuming than crocheting. You did a lovely job and I wonder what the Monster High doll is doing with her heart? A pillow, I suspect? 🙂


    Opal Reply:

    Thanks @Teeni, Knitting something this small is a first for me, but I’ll practice more with knitted amigurumi shapes. It should be interesting experience.
    Yes, this was a pillow for my daughter’s Monster High Dolls.
    Opal recently posted..I’ve beanie bad knitter


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