Satisfying cravings: Chicken & vegetable egg rolls

Posted by on November 24, 2013 at 8:00 am.

Last week, my daughter asked me if I would make Chicken vegetable egg rolls for dinner.

I’d made vegan eggless eggrolls towards the end of October, but have not made any since that time. Since I knew I didn’t have any chicken breasts, I stopped by the grocery store (on my way home from work) and purchased a few pounds.

Once I arrived home, I cooked the chicken breasts in my 8 qt. Presto pressure cooker. While the breasts were cooking I started grinding my herbs, spices, garlic and ginger into my mortar and pestle. Into my wok, I added a variety of vegetables and sauteed them for about two minutes. By that time the chicken breasts were finished and so I added a small amount of the breasts to the wok.

Eggroll filling chicken vegetables.11.18.13


Once everything was cooked, I set aside in stainless steel bowl. I then prepared the filling for vegan egg rolls, once that was cooked, I set aside and started adding the chicken filling to the non-veggie egg rolls. I first pan fried the vegan vegetable ‘eggrolls’ into the skillet, followed by the chicken and vegetable egg rolls.

Egg rolls.11.18.13


My daughter loved both varieties! Of course the next day, a few ended up in her Zojirushi lunch jar.


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