Sewing adventures: My daughter’s dress is almost finished

Posted by on December 4, 2014 at 6:50 am.

After work, I’ve been busy sewing my daughter’s new dress and I’m happy to say that it is almost completed.

On my hand crafted website (and Facebook) I’ve been documenting the entire process through pictures. Which a brief commentary about what I’ve done.

Dress fitting_2 12.3.14

My daughter loves this dress! There’s still some work to be completed. I’m adding a hand picked zipper and of course I need to cut the threads.

There are three pieces to the ensemble.

  1. Lace bolero top
  2. Petticoat with 50 yards of tulle ruffle
  3. Dress

There’s a lot of hand stitching in this dress. If I had just machine sewn the dress I most likely would have completed it the same day, but hand sewing takes the dress to another level and some might be surprised that it adds to the durability of the finished garment.


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