So happy together; fun in the snow

Posted by on February 15, 2014 at 4:16 pm.

Today, while it was snowing outside, you could find my daughter and me outside playing in the snow! We were both wearing layers of clothing. I had on three layers of pants and the same amount of shirts, and so did my daughter. We didn’t get cold!

My daughter made snow angels, I watched and took pictures. I didn’t want my loc’s to get wet.

Mom and daughter_1

So happy together and I got snowflakes caught in my locs! The knitted owl hat and the checkered cowl my daughter are wearing were knitted by me. I knit my simple ribbed hat also.

She also told me she wanted to make a snow house. We did that. The ‘roof’ was a trash bag that I had cut open. You should have seen her face when I did that. Initially, she did not think it was a great idea, but once I had ‘hammered’ the ‘roof’ down to the sides with sticks, her face brightened and she said, “Mom, that looks really nice!” I smiled at her and said, “You’re the young one, aren’t you supposed to have the overactive imagination?”

Mom and daughter_3_2.15.14

Simple things make us happy

Normally she does, but at times I need encourage her to open her mind a bit more… 😉


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