This and that; knitting and sewing machine embroidery

Posted by on March 31, 2013 at 8:31 am.

This past week has been extremely busy and unfortunately I didn’t even get to sew the Easter dress for my daughter. We had a slight change in plans since my six year old nephew was visiting us and so my free time was spent including him on the activities that my daughter and I do. He had so much fun during his week long visit, and so did we.

We went bowling, made playdough and played with it and we did lot of other fun activities. I also gave him his first sewing lesson.

Urban Threads - Mustang Sally UT1283

Urban Threads – Mustang Sally UT1283. I didn’t embroider this one, just want to show how it looked before I switched the colors.


My nephew loves cars, so yesterday I purchased this embroidered design, “Mustang Sally” from Urban Threads. Just to clarify, the above Mustang, isn’t what I embroidered, it’s the sample that is featured on the Urban Threads website. They had a few car designs on their site, but he liked this one the most. He wanted his car to be red and since I have plenty of embroidery thread, my “toughest decision” was deciding which colors to use.


Brother SE400 - Embroidering a car

Brother SE400 – Embroidering a car


Yesterday morning, I pulled out my Brother SE400, uploaded the design to my embroidery machine and let it start sewing. My nephew and daughter hovered around while it was sewing. My nephew is fascinated with my sewing embroidery machine (Brother SE400) and was excited to see the design come to life.

Eventually, I’ll write a review about the Brother SE-400. I’m really impressed with the embroidery function. In fact, that’s all I use the machine for, embroidery. The few issues I’ve ran into while using the machine have all been my fault and were easily fixed. With the above design I used two pieces of stabilizer (top and bottom of the t-shirt).  When I embroidered the doll design on one of my daughter’s t-shirts, I’d only used it on the bottom of the t-shirt and thought it might actually look nicer if I added it to the top of the t-shirt also… I was right.


My Brother SE400 did an amazing job with this embroidered car.

My Brother SE400 did an amazing job with this embroidered car.


It took over an hour to complete, but he was thrilled with his embroidered car t-shirt! Embroidery or embellishments are simple ways to dress up a plain t-shirt. The embroidered design isn’t the only item created yesterday.

Yesterday, when we took my nephew back to New Jersey, I was able to complete another small project. This time it involved knitting!


Knitting: Simple ribbed beanie hat for a NICU baby

Knitting: Simple ribbed beanie hat for a NICU baby


Since I didn’t drive there, I kept my hands occupied knitting  this simple ribbed beanie hat. I’m thinking I’ll crochet some type of embellishment to the hat or perhaps crochet a fancy border onto the hat? Who knows…

My nephew liked the hat and promptly put it on his head. Red just happens to be his color. I must say he looked a bit silly with the tiny hat on his head. I let him wear it for a bit but eventually took it away with the promise I’d make him an appropriate hat. I already gifted him with a knitted hat while he was here, the funny thing is when I made that hat I had no idea who I was making it for. I tucked it away knowing that eventually it’d find a home. My nephew is thrilled since it looks similar to the knitted hat I made for my father (his grandfather.)

I started another knitted hat, but wasn’t able to finish it since I drove back to Maryland from New Jersey.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter!



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