Totally Raw Thursday – Postponed by one day

Posted by on April 2, 2014 at 11:24 am.

It’s the first week of my Totally Raw Thursday –  dehydrator challenge and I’m not even meeting my challenge date, tomorrow.

I will say that I’ve already prepared the yumalicious dehydrated food that I’ll be featuring. I challenged myself to make something with onions.  I will say the raw dehydrated food I made turned out amazingly well. In fact, I had some of it this morning. I’m still not finished writing the post. How hard can it be to write a post? Well… due to my tendency to write about the benefits of the various foods I prepare and then link to sources, that backs up what I’ve written sometimes it can take a little while.

However, I will be posting my challenge for ‘dehydrate something with onions’ for this Friday, so stop by and see what I’ve made and join in if you like. I look forward to see what Jennifer posts.


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