Yarnie Adventures; My daughter makes her first crocheted doll

Posted by on November 26, 2012 at 6:47 am.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, my 9yo daughter made her first crocheted doll. She kept begging me to show her how to make one, and I thought she was ready. I started her off simple, the only thing she needed to know was single crochet, how to increase, and how to decrease. No written pattern was used, I simply told her how many rows I wanted her to crochet for each body part.

My daughter working on her first crocheted doll.

Since I’ve already mastered those skills, she didn’t have to look for the information online (like I did.) She wanted to finish the doll the same day, but I broke it up into three days.

My daughter proudly displaying her first crocheted doll

Yesterday, after she rooted the dolls hair she proudly showed off her work. She was extremely excited.


If you look closely you’ll see where she marked the doll. I told her these blue marks would disappear once the doll has been washed and dried.


I’d been saving this yarn for a very special doll (since I thought it would make awesome hair.) But my daughter is more special than any doll I could create, and so I gifted the yarn to her. She was thrilled! Initially she found hair rooting to be challenging, but I reminded her that it only looks easy when I do it, because I’ve been rooting doll hair for years. I told her if she stuck with it, and didn’t give up… it would come easier. It did, I’m proud of her first crocheted doll.

Of course this means, that I’m adding a nice set of crochet hooks (and yarn) to her Christmas list. She’s definitely craft worthy.


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