A tale of two chowders: Fish and corn

A few weeks ago, when the colds had us down for about a day, I made two chowders.

Corn chowder


A fish chowder and a corn based chowder.

Chowder is almost gone!


My daughter grazed between the two although she kept coming back to the corn chowder. Most of the fish chowder, was given to my father. My mom is a nurse and worked most of the holiday. My dad was sick and I wanted to make sure he stayed nourished with healing foods.

The wonderful thing was, even though my daughter wasn’t feeling the greatest she helped me making these nourishing soups. What’s the recipe, sorry I can’t tell you that and it has nothing to do with it being a “family secret,” I only measure if asked. Otherwise, I make and add whatever I want. if you know me, you know that perfectly fits my personality. πŸ˜‰

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Growing up, my mum would cook rice porridge everytime we were sick…so much so that whenever I ate porridge, I would feel that I was sick. Psychological. Nowadays, I enjoy porridge!
suituapui recently posted..365 days of a year…


Was the Carrot one dairy-free? Wasn’t sure what you used to make the base – a nut milk??? Curious…without giving away any family secrets, that is!
Jennifer recently posted..Stocking Up on The Raw Food World