Bikers hangout…

This Saturday, the BF and I will be attending an event with two of his friends.

Harley Davidson Comic

We will be going to the event on motorcycles. They all have them. My BF has a Harley. Don’t even ask me what type of Harley it is, since I don’t have the slightest idea.

His biking buddies are bringing along their girlfriends. Thus far, when he’s gone riding with them, I have not been in attendance. However, we have “friended” one another on Facebook and have dropped by to occasionally comment on each others post.

Apparently the BF has been saying lots of good things about me and so they all are looking forward to meet me. How sweet is that? Truth be told… I’m looking forward to meeting them also. The BF did tell me, I might want to consider wearing a hat or some type of tube to secure my dreadlocks and so I’ll be sewing one within the next few days. He also suggested I wear jeans. Uhm… I don’t own those. It looks like I’ll have to purchase a pair towards the end of this week.

My daughter is only slightly disappointed she can’t attend. There’s going to be a concert, so she would have loved to have attended that; however, I told her that the BF and I would make sure she attends at least one concert this summer. She’s happy. What will she be doing while I’m away? She’ll be hanging with her grandparents. This week, I have planned special activities for just the two of us. Thus far, she’s been pleased with what we’ve been doing.


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Wowwwwww!!!!! A Harley!!! We have them here too, not many Harleys though but other brands. There is a Big Bikers’ Club in my town even. Have fun, you two!!!
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Have a FUN and SAFE trip 🙂 Take pics!
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