Cooks Illustrated: Fluffy Dinner Rolls

This past Wednesday, I finally got around to making some super soft dinner rolls.

Although I don’t eat too much bread, I really do enjoy baking it and I absolutely adore a soft dinner toll. My daughter does also. After a bit of research, I finally settled upon making the fluffy dinner rolls that were featured on The Cooks Illustrated website. during my quest for the softest dinner roll, I saw it mentioned on a few blogs and so I decided to virtually visit the website and see what all the fuss is about. Andrea, the recipe publisher, mentioned that she used a flour paste technique. It’s an Asian technique called tangzhong which adds additional moisture to the rolls.

I used my Ankersrum 6230 to make these dinner rolls and it did an excellent job. The dough is sticker than the doughs I’m used to creating. The recipe clearly stated this so I was prepared. I rolled out the dinner rolls into cylinder strips and rolled them into cylinders. The recipe calls for putting them into a circular pan, however, since I doubled the recipe. I used my glass rectangular baking dish and made sure that the rolls were touching each other. This helps the dough to rise more.



Are the rolls soft, flaky, and tender?

I must say that my daughter and I were very impressed with the results and this will become my “go-to” recipe for making dinner rolls.

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