Coraline: Three years late, but I’m looking forward to the movie…

CoralineMommy, will you order Coraline from the library, please?”

Is what my daughter asked me yesterday.

If I’d thought about it, I wouldn’t have told her I ordered it from Blockbuster video, and let it be a surprise for this Friday.

Movies aren’t allowed during weekdays, since she’s still in school.

When I’m not working on the crocheted Coraline amigurumi, my daughter has been carrying it around. I was able to find my well-worn copy of Coraline, and she’s been devouring it, during her spare time.

The crocheted Coraline doll is about 65% completed. I still have to finish the legs, create the boots, arms, and fingers. Oh, and I must trim Coraline’s hair…

But Coraline’s starting to come together, and my daughter is excited by her progress; and so am I.


Although I don’t watch too many movies, part of my fascination has always been checking out the behind the scenes clips of the effort made to bring a movie together…

There’s so many people behind the scenes that are needed to make these movies happen. I don’t forget about them…

And for the past few days I’ve been watching a few Coraline movie clips on YouTube.

Costumes in movies have always appealed to me, perhaps because I’ve designed clothing (on a much smaller scale; of course). But I’m aware of the amount of time that can go into creating the “perfect costume.”

I really enjoyed Coraline, in book form, and would be disappointed if it were drastically changed to make it “appealing” to a larger audience.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to watching Coraline the movie at the house. And for once, my hooks will be set to the side, so my full attention can be given to the movie.

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I enjoyed Coraline but was disappointed to find out hat IRL I couldn’t find a Coraline doll that looked like the movie protagonist.
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Miraflor@Florida Foreclosures

My nephews also love this movie, I’m going to buy them it’s book.


I like how you included the video clips. I never saw them before and I saw the movie years ago. People who work on miniatures always amaze me. I don’t know how they can have the patience, not to mention the eyesight needed for the job! Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

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