I made the dhal, still waiting on the chapati

I’ve been craving dhal for weeks, but with so many other delightful dishes on hand, I have not had a chance to satisfy my craving until this week. However, the past week or so, I’ve been making all sorts of dishes  that used lentils as the main ingredient and so I knew before long I’d be making dhal!

Well, I no longer have cravings. Late in the evening (exactly two days ago) I finally got around to making my beloved dhal and I was immediately remembered why I love this dish so much. It’s simple, flavorful AND… it makes the perfect dip for breads and veggies.

My daughter tried a tiny bowl, shortly after it finished and promptly went back for “just a little more.”

Dhal_ 5.20.15
Spicy Dhal

However, when I went to get the flour to make the chapati, I quickly discovered that I was out. Sighs… no worries, I’ll stop by the market this weekend and stock up on flour.

Dhal_ 3 5.20.15
Sometimes I want a creamy dhal; however, this time I wanted chunky and so I did not puree the lentils.

Grumbles and even though I was craving chapati also, the dhal still tasted amazing on it’s own.

I will admit, that it wasn’t as ‘colorful’ as I usually like to make mine. I was out of tomatoes. Yes, those will be on my list of things to purchase this weekend. I can’t wait for them to start making an appearance in the garden, then I won’t have to purchase any more until the fall.

5 pound bag of lentils_ 5.20.15
My 5 pound bag of lentils!


I’m really impressed with the small company where I purchased my lentils. They are grown and harvested by Palouse Brand. I purchased a five pound bag off of Amazon. Amazon allows third party sellers to sell their items through their site.

About a day after my purchase, Palouse Brand sent me an email to tell me how to store their beans and legumes. I already know, but this is great for those who might not know. In the email, they stated that since their products aren’t irradiated they could be a home for pests.


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TOTALLY agree! I get hungry for Indian dishes often, too! This sounds great! Looking forward to future posts to see what you do with your bulk load of lentils!!!
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I just love when the leftovers are just as good if not better than the first day!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Things Have Been Pretty ‘Cheesy’ Lately


I love dhal dips that are thick and rich. Most that we get here are super diluted, not nice at all.
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