I’ve received a Beautiful Blogger award!

Well, it’s high time I post this award on my blog, don’t you think? DragonLady only gave it to me a few weeks ago. Let’s see, I’ve known DragonLady since my old site VeganMomma. I started that site in 2004.

DragonLady is an inspiration, I enjoy reading her posts, which recently have been focusing around her running and weight loss! As a fitness addict, I’m always thrilled when I see people get active. Congrats DragonLady. She’s gearing up to run a marathon!

Beautiful Blogger Award

According to the DragonLady, there’s some rules that go along with this award, and so I’ve copied/pasted them from her site.

**Obligatory Rules**

Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post. Done

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Done

Tell 7 things about yourself. Will do…

Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know. Ok, I can do that…

Seven things about me, what do you really need to know more? I told a fair amount when I received the Versatile Blogger award! Ok, ok, I’ll start typing…

  1. I treat others how I want to be treated, with respect. I might not agree with your views, but you’re entitled to have them (just like I’m entitled to have mine.) While I might challenge your views (if we ever get into a debate)  but I’ll never attack you personally. And even if we disagree I’ll still interact with you, as long as you treat me with respect. How boring would the world be, if I only surrounded it with people who think exactly like myself.
  2. I dislike drama, those who thrive on it will find me distancing myself from them by any means necessary. That carries over online also. If you feel the need to constantly be attacking others, getting overly emotional, I won’t be around. That being said, it’s much easier to distance yourself from people like that online, not as easy in real life, since some you have no choice but to interact with.
  3. I have few friends but numerous acquaintances. I can count on my friends to be there regardless of what happens. I do the same for them. We respect each other, despite the differences, and love each other.
  4. I don’t mind constructive criticism. I don’t take it personally, since I see it as means to improve.
  5. In the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. I related more to the male perspective than the female; I’m still like that.
  6. As a child, there was a period when I didn’t speak to many people outside of my family. That went on for about three or four years?  I wasn’t afraid, I thought I needed time to sit back and observe people. I started talking more when I was about fourteen, I do think those quieter years, helped me out tremendously.My perceptions, about others, are rarely wrong.
  7. I love living off the land, which would explain my fondness with our garden. While I’m indoors or outside, my tomato guardian is my shadow. He follows me everywhere. He’s my favorite fur buddy. It’s hard to resist something so adorable.
  8. Last but not least… my daughter trumps everything. I make sure I spend a lot of time with her. As much as I love technology, I step away to spend quality time with her.

Ok, so I came up with eight things. I could have come up with more, but perhaps I’ll save that for another time, or maybe I’ll just update my about me page?

Glancing at the official rules it looks like I’m supposed to give this award to seven other bloggers. Well, I’m bending the rules a bit and only awarding this to two bloggers, although I know many who’re worthy of this award, these two just happen to blog from the same website.

Curls and Q step right up and take your virtual award. I stumbled upon Curls and Q’s website a few weeks ago. Curls and Q is written by two sisters on the same site. How cool is that? Q is a retired high school teacher, and Curls works part-time for the post office.

Recently Curls wrote about a trip that she and her husband took to Montana, check out the post and the pictures of the quaint house with “wood siding”. I love that little house. Q recently wrote about being wrongly enticed by a stone spindle. It’s a shame that spindle didn’t quite live up to its looks.  I would love to spin yarn (eventually) so naturally I had to comment on that post. Years ago a friend, who’s no longer living, gifted me with hand spun yarn. I love it.

Reading their posts adds even more glitter to my sparkling days, hopefully their blog, will do the same for you. Enjoy!

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curls and q

Q – Wonderful! Thanks! I”m headed up to Curls in the pm. We’ll write the post together. We really love your style of writing. 😎 Your 8 items are right on. I alway say how boring life would be if we were all the same. 😎
curls and q recently posted..Pay It Forward: The First Three Commenters Win a Mystery Knitted Object


Congratulations on the award. You most certainly deserve it.
suituapui recently posted..Famous…


Yay!!! I’m so glad you did this. 🙂

I dislike drama too and yet find myself way too often up in the middle of it. :-/
DragonLady recently posted..Maniacal Monday #12