Knitting: Vintage knitting (and some crochet) books

Last year, I discovered Ravelry.  Ever since that discovery, it’s been my “go to” forum for crochet and knitting news. By the way, you can find me there as OpalT,

The site is chock full with patterns, a variety of forums, and so much helpful advice that it’s become a valuable resource for anything crochet and knitting related. I’ve received numerous ideas about crochet and knitting patterns from Ravelry, participated in numerous pattern tests, and met some interesting folk local and worldwide. Some of them I’ve met in person, and others I chat with through the forum, blog, or email.

Today, a fellow Ravelrer posted a link for vintage knitting (and a few crochet) digitized books! I love books, and have several hard copies of old books, some dating as far back as the 1700s. Naturally I was thrilled when I discovered the link for digitized vintage knitting books. I’m looking forward to checking out the books, seeing if I can figure out some of the patterns, along with some of the terms used. Naturally it will be all sorts of awesome to crochet or knit an item from one of the digitized books! Color me happy!

I’m definitely spoiled, since I’m use to pictures or logging online to watch online video tutorials if I run into problems. That wasn’t an option back then. The books range from 1800s to 1911. Enjoy!


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Oh my goodness … I’m doing the running man right now!!! These resources are AWESOME!!! You already know that I love vintage how-to books and these are right up my alley. Watch me download every single one of them then load them on my kindle!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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Amanda@Dresses for Clubbing

This sounds like quite a challenge! From the pictures I’ve seen, you seem like a confident and talented knitter and crocheter. I’m sure you can do this–and the little boost of difficulty may even be fun!

curls and q

This is so cool! Thanks! I usually search Google Books. Another time sink! 😎 HOw much fun to see the vintage patterns. Can’t write any longer, need to go check out the books! Bye!
curls and q recently posted..Raspberry Curd But Not Whey