Let the sewing begin…

Pink Tangerine Ombre Poly Charmeuse 59WThe father or grandfather/daughter dance is right around the corner! I’m thrilled to say that my daughter has finally  settled upon the fabric she wants for her dress.

It’s not the fiber I would have chosen, since it’s made of polyester. I would have chosen a natural fiber, but it’s her choice and I must say it is beautiful, don’t you think? The blended colors remind me of orange sherbert. I must say that my daughter does a great job with color coordination, this fabric compliments my daughters complexion quite nicely. I’ve already convinced my father to wear an appropriate suit to complement my daughter’s dress.

The only thing left to do is to get sewing with my Brother sewing machines.  Well.. I do have to wait for the fabric to arrive, but it should be here some time this week. Which means, this coming weekend will be busy as I design and sew the dress. If  I don’t have any interruptions I’m hoping to finish this coming weekend. We’ll see…


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