Memories; vintage tootsie roll commercial

My brother and I didn’t watch television (in our house) until we were teenagers, my parents thought it was more important to improve our minds in other ways, education, crafts, exercise, thinking out of the box….

Even so, I still have fond memories of some of the commercials I saw when visiting family. Here’s one of my favorite from 1977…


Technology has changed a lot since that time, hasn’t it?

Today is different, I do a lot with technology. That’s my work, so I really have no choice. Knowing its importance I made sure my nine-year old daughter was prepared. And so I introduced her to computers when she was about two or three years of age. Computers were required in her kindergarten school, and she went to school knowing how to operate one.

While I recognize the importance of technology, and introduce her to things that will be helpful, I also recognize the importance of stepping away from it and interacting with her away from other distractions. I  think it’s important to have that face time, so she’s not talking to the back of my head while my butt  is planted in front of the computer, you know? Knowing that she’s my top priority, It’s important to treat her that way. I don’t want any “what ifs” in my life… I do enjoy my 1:1 time with her, and technology regardless of how awesome… can’t beat that interaction.

A few weeks ago, while commenting on one suituapui’s post, I really enjoy reading his posts the food he shares looks delicious, and I enjoy reading the occasional posts about his daughter. It’s nice to see other parents taking time for their children and it’s obvious that they are friends too.

Anyway, in one of my comments, I told him that I felt encouraged… When chatting with a lady who has four girls; teenager, nine-year old, five-year old, two-year old, and another on the way. She told me… “If your daughter loves to hang out with you now, she most likely will still enjoy tons of interaction with you as she gets older.” Just make sure you make the time for her, without all the extra technology crap. My response, “But of course, I do that now!

Ok, so I’m off topic, this post was just supposed to be about a vintage television commercial…. 😉

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Yes, the best times of our lives. My girl’s home on holiday right now…but she’s sighing and so am I as she only has a few days left before she has to go off to college again. I certainly treasure every opportunity we get to spend sometime together but what the future holds – I will just leave in God’s hands and hope for the best.

We do not have Tootsie Roll here so I have not seen this one. My daughter loved to watch commercials when she was small – commercials and cartoons…and most of the time, I would get to watch with her. Now that she’s all grown up, I don’t keep up with the latest cartoons anymore. Hope to go and see Madagascar 3 with her at the cinema one of these two days before she leaves.
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I remember this one!!! 🙂
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Allison @ Jovani Prom Dresses

I find it pretty amazing how much technology has grown in just a few short years. I’m always texting friends now as opposed to actually calling them, and everybody always seems to have to be connected to the internet no matter where they are. It saddens me a bit that we’ve begun to communicate more through gadgets than face-to-face, but I think it’s great that you have such a good relationship with your daughter and know how to pull yourself away from technology. I think more parents need to learn how to do that.