New Years Pizza

I believe a homemade pizza is the perfect way to start a new year, don’t you?

On New Years Day, you could find my daughter and me in our warm kitchen, that’s heated by our wood stove, making our own homemade pizza. The dough was made, to which I added plenty of freshly ground spices and herbs and then it was set aside to rise. Once the dough had risen, the crust was rolled and


Pizza_1 1.1.15
Homemade vegetarian pizza


plenty of vegetables were added to the pizza. It was a vegetarian pizza after all. After my daughter had added the vegetable toppings that she wanted it was slipped into the oven. The only thing left to do was wait and soon we could smell the pizza. My daughter was excited and kept asking me when would the pizza be ready.

Pizza_2 1.1.15
Vegetarian pizza – Fresh from the oven


When it is, was my reply. She didn’t have to wait too long before she was able to dig into the pizza. I wish I could say that there are left overs, but she consumed the remaining slices within two days after this had been made. She much prefers making the pizza over buying one. She says it tastes fresher and I would have to agree with her.



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Now, that’s a beauty! Bet that sure made a great start to the new year!
suituapui recently posted..Countdown…


Homemade Pizza’s FUN and much more healthy 🙂 YUM!
PS: Sorry for the mass commenting…I have a lot of catching up to do! I’ve missed you and your blog this past month!!!
Jennifer recently posted..Stocking Up on The Raw Food World