Sad days; spring break is over…

Wake up

I awoke my daughter up earlier than normal; 6:30…

Today, was her first day back at school. She was off for an entire week.

I was greeted with the most pitiful expression. Hilarious! She didn’t want to go back. Then she told me why… “Mommy, I’m going to miss you!” Awww…

I’m going to miss her too. We did have a great time while she was off, although we stayed local, we did go on short trips and have a lot of mommy/daughter hang time.

Gaming, was even in that equation — although in tiny doses. She got on the desktop computer, and I logged onto my 17″ MacBook Pro, and we explored the awesome world of FreeRealms, too bad we didn’t run into Kaozz. The MMO diva, during out travels, we’d have invited her to join our little party.

To add to the awesomeness of her spring break, she had two play dates with her best friend from school.

First was at her friend’s house, and yesterday she came to our house. While she was over, we visited the neighbors, who just happen to have a white Macaw bird. The bird, is very friendly.  They were able to pet him, and they got to see our neighbors two gila monsters. Pigs ducks, and chickens. We even showed her friend our woods, we live on about four acres of land — almost three acres is woods.

I crocheted another doll outfit for her, and crocheted  a necklace to compliment her Easter dress (which I’ll share on Finished object Friday) and we explored the outdoors.

All too soon that week was over, so no… she wasn’t the only one sad; I’ll miss her too.

But, there will be other days out of school, and as I told her summer break will be here before she knows it, which means more time to hang together.

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Amand @ BuySellWordpress

It’s always very difficult for children to come back to school after holidays, even if the were short) I even remember what feelings I had when I was a pupil)))))))) But that’s great that you spent this time together
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[…] It seems like the other day my daughter was still on spring break. […]


The most difficult thing for children is to come back to school after summer holidays)) so spring holidays shouldn’t be a big problem)
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