So long friend…

Angel the Guinea Pig_1 10.04.14


Yesterday Angel, my daughters guinea pig, passed away.

Daughter with Angel the Guinea Pig


She lived a long time. My daughter had her since she was in first grade. She’s in the sixth grade now. Angel was an older piggie when we brought her in to our home. No one wanted her, but I fell in love with the moment I saw her sweet little face.

Pals! Angel our teddybear guinea pig and Gracie our lionhead rabbit


She was one happy guinea pig since she “chirped” a lot. They tend to do that when they are happy. She would also frequently waddle to you and give you nose nudges (her way of showing affection) and burrow under my neck if I was stretched out on the floor. Of course she would let out how pitched squeaks, if she thought you weren’t paying enough attention to her.  As if we could ignore her for long! Silly girl…

Angel & Gracie_1
Friends Furrever


It’ll be interesting to see how Gracie, our lionhead bunny adjusts, those two  were pals.


Guinea pig-Angel playing in shredded paper
Angel in her beloved box of shredded paper


My daughter is doing better, still sad… but as with anything, in time her heart won’t ache as much.

Farewell sweet Angel! You will be missed…

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OMG! I’m so sorry to hear this! Almost all of my blogging buddies have lost a furkid in the past few months! My heart breaks for all of us! Continued thoughts/prayers for your family! We lost our Suzie over a week ago now, too! HUGS to you and your daughter!
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