Adventures in Beekeeping: Package honeybees – local

Along with the nucleus hive, which I’m picking up this Saturday. I’m also receiving package honeybees. I just ordered them about thirty minutes ago!

Honeybees flocking around water droplets and pollen
Recycled photo from this post written about our honeybees!

Unlike last year, my honeybees won’t be shipped to me through the mail, I’ll be picking them up locally. The main reason for going local is that I’m not dragging my feet on whether I’m ready for honeybees. I am! Last year, by the time I’d made up my mind, most of the package bees were sold out. I still am pleased where I purchased my honeybees. Their customer service and the honeybees received were amazing, but I’m thrilled that this year I can support a local beekeeper.

This  year, I’m eager to add more to the four acres where we reside.

Also new this year, is the amount of hives I’ll have. Instead of one, I’ll have at least three hives on our property and I might acquire more… we’ll see!

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Spring is here. Good luck with your bees.
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You’ll acquire more! I can FEEL it! Looking forward to the posts 🙂
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