Maryland: Snow in April and Raw foods

Posted by on April 24, 2012 at 7:46 pm.

Yesterday, if you lived in Western Maryland you might have received snow…

We didn’t receive where I lived, but the temperature didn’t rise above the mid 40’s, and so I bundled up my daughter in her winter coat when I took her to school. You know, it feels strange to be still wearing winter clothes…

What’s even stranger is looking at our garden, and still seeing a lot of tilled earth. Because of the unseasonably cool weather, we have been holding off planting crops, we usually have a bit more in the soil by this time. I’m hoping that we’ll soon have stable temperatures, so or planting can resume. 

I’m relieved we didn’t receive snow in our area. It’s not because I dislike snow, I don’t. I love it, but I definitely don’t want the crops we’ve planted to be affected. 

I didn’t get around to making any raw food pasta yet…but I have raw veggie wraps, raw soup, and made some fruit, and vegetable smoothies. For my daughter, I made chicken and rice.

So yes… yesterday was an all raw food day (for myself). I mainly drank water throughout the day, but I did make some raw juices and smoothies too. Incorporating vegetables into your juices or smoothies is an excellent way to boost your vegetable intake, especially if you or those you’re preparing meals for, aren’t used to eating a lot of vegetables. For my daughter and myself, we love vegetables, but it’s nice to have variety too.

Yesterday, homemade fruit pops were made, and my daughter happily consumed one today; even though we had chilly weather. She likes them because they taste great. I like them since it doesn’t have a lot of junk she doesn’t need. Making your own homemade fruit pops is a healthier, and it can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing   all natural fruit pops from the store. 

I’m definitely happy that I’m taking a break from cooked foods. I decided to switch to raw foods for a little while. I’m not doing it for health reasons. I’m in great health, not doing it to lose weight, I’m at my ideal weight, and I exercise daily. I’m swapping to raw foods, simply because I can. 

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to include pictures of the fruit pops (along with a few recipes) before the week is over.

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