11/12/13; once in a century date

Today is 11/12/13, weird eh?Oh no

What did we do on this once in a century date? We did nothing out of the ordinary. I know, I know, shocking right?

I went to work, came home, prepared vegetarian food for my daughter and myself. I did manage to take photos of that dish. I wrote about it, and have scheduled it as an advanced post for tomorrow.

My daughter did tell me that she would love if I made her some amigurumi for Christmas. So, that’s a bit unusual since she hasn’t requested any of them in a few months. I will say that she loves the various crocheted and knitted amigurumi items I’ve made for her over the past year; amigurumi voodoo doll, the knitted amigurumi snake, knitted amigurumi skull, knitted amigurumi owl and the two adorableĀ crocehted amigurimi amineko’s. Judging by my posts, I’ve crocheted and knitted a lot of amigurumis and I didn’t even post them all. She still plays with them or has them displayed in prominent locations within her room.

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Another BUSY day! I kind of forgot about the 11-12-13 until it was almost over~ LOL
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