Crochet: Beaded bracelet, ladybug hat, and Coraline; finished object Friday

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything for finished object Friday. It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything, I have. I just have been too busy to post.

I’ve decided to include a few of my finished objects….

Crochet Leviathan band bracelet 1 05 27 12 copy

I pattern tested this bracelet. My daughter loves this crocheted beaded bracelet, and it happens to be in one of her favorite colors too.

I made the jewelry. Silver wire was used with this project. I coiled the silver wire into the desired shapes. I then used a manual Atlas pasta machine, to flatten and “set” the wire. Silver wire was woven through the grey and black tubes, and coiled at the end. If you look closely you’ll see tiny loops. I did that purposely, since I’ll be attaching hand-crafted charms.

I must say… it’s so nice to include my love of jewelry making into my crocheted and knitting items. I’ve done it with knitting, and it’s one of the reasons I learned crochet in December 2011. I wanted to include it with some of my crochet designs. 


Crochet ladybug beanie hat 3 

Originally, I’d made this crocheted lady bug beanie hat for my daughter, but since she has a lot of hair; long, thick, and curly, it was too small for her head. It’s found a home on one of her large teddy bears. I must say; he wins the cutest hat award. Another hat was given to a girl that adores ladybugs.

Crochet Coraline 2 05 22 12

Here’s the latest amigurumi crocheted doll I’ve made. It’s Coraline! Angel the guinea pig also joined the photo shoot.

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I saw the movie Coraline for the first time. I’d read Neil Gaimon’s book many years before, although the movie differs from the book. We both enjoyed the movie, I was able to complete my daughter’s crocheted Coraline for her birthday. I even made Coraline a matching messenger bag.

Other Finished objects…

There are plenty of items I’m not showing such as the knitted stockinette scarf, that I made for one of my daughter’s Monster High dolls, or the knitted stockinette hat I’ve made for a local homeless shelter where I volunteer. I’m currently working on a knitted stockinette scarf in the same color, and then I’ll make gloves. The items are thick, and soft, and will keep someone warm during the cooler months.

I used a bulky yarn, and size 10 circular knitting needles. Last week, is when I started using circular needles. For the past 33 years I’ve been using straight needles, and double pointed needles. You know, I still have the first pair of size 8 knitting needles that I received when I was eight years old? I’m not sure why I didn’t use circular needles before. I must say; I’m enjoying them immensly.

There are many other finished objects I’ve made in the past week. I just haven’t had a chance to snap their pictures. Perhaps they’ll make its way into next weeks Finished Object Friday post?

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I love all of those, but I especially love that bracelet! Wow!
DragonLady recently posted..“Get your motor running…”


The ladybird hat is soo cute and the bracelet is amazing – especially as you made the jewellery bits. Fantastic!

Jess - Knot By Gran'ma

I love when knitters and crocheters mix it up with other sorts of crafts. Your projects are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Jess – Knot By Gran’ma recently posted..Craft Show Crazy Discovers Garlic Scapes

Wonder Why Gal

That bracelet is really cool. I love the ladybug hat too.
Wonder Why Gal recently posted..Fiber Arts Friday – Spa Day!


Very nice projects….my favorite is Coraline.


Your Coraline is adorable! Thanks for sharing her.
AllyB recently posted..If it’s Friday,it’s fiber

Kathryn | Alpacamundo

I love the dolly. 🙂
Kathryn | Alpacamundo recently posted..Fiber Arts Friday: Casting On for Knit Night


Ooooo…the ladybug hat is soooooonice! I love it! My daughter would love that very much – she loves lady bug collectibles.
suituapui recently posted..Coming home…


Your Coraline doll is perfect! I’ve wanted to make one for a long time (I’m a big fan of both the movie and the book), but I’ve never really found a pattern that I thought worked as well as I wanted. I love yours!


I love the photo with the guinea. The expression on the doll’s face as it leans against the indifferent animal seems so absolutely perfect 🙂
dionne recently posted..carving our first letterbox stamp


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