Fermenting Crocks…

Stonewear crocks
Fermenting crocks and lids

Since I really don’t have too many smaller fermenting crocks, I’ve decided to purchase  more. I should be getting them sometime this week.

Of course… choosing an appropriate crock is not an easy decision since there are so many lovely ones available. However, based on the reviews, I do believe I found some that will last me for some time. They are Ohio Stoneware crocks.

Stonewar preserving weights
Stoneware preserving weights

You don’t have to purchase the lids or even the weights to cover your fermenting crock if you have alternates available. A plate would work well as a lid.

To insure proper fermentation, you need weight to keep the mixture compressed. An alternative to purchasing the weights is to place a ziplock bag filled with water on top of the mixture or you could even choose an appropriate sized saucer that could fit inside the crock. Since I didn’t want to bother with that, I just decided to purchase the weights used for preserving food.

I must say, that I’m looking forward to making more fermented foods later this week. In addition, I’ll be canning some jams and jellies (much to my daughter’s delight). Regarding fermenting, my next produce that I most likely will ferment will be sauerkraut. Eventually… I’ll try to make miso.

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I have been thinking about getting into this for a while. I just might have to look into it further. These look lovely!
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan Fair Food


I wouldn’t mind a set of those. They look lovely. I’ve a dinner set, stoneware…bought in 1976 and still as good as new. Broke the main big bowl though, silly me – put it in the oven, did not know I could not do that…and it cracked. 🙁
suituapui recently posted..I’ll be seeing you…

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