Flavor: Tofu Scramble

We’re not big tofu eaters in my house, but now and again I’ll prepare a dish that calls for tofu.

I love color!

What’s amazing about tofu is that it takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it with. I think of it as my blank canvas that I can turn into whatever I want. A few years ago I made a chocolate truffle pie. The secret ingredient was tofu. A few of my friends didn’t believe that tofu was in there, until they saw me make one.

Last week I made tofu scramble for my daughter and myself. My daughter was pleased since she loves tofu scramble, and I was thrilled that because the meal was colorful, nutritious, and on the table in under ten minutes.

For Thanksgiving, my daughter wants Indian and Caribbean food. I suggested we go out to eat, but she wants us to make the food at home. Uhm, ok… looks like we’ll be cooking on our unturkey day. 😉

Craig Mack: Flava in Ya Ear (ReMix)

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That looks yummy! My celiac friend and I argue back and forth about tofu because she doesn’t trust beans that take on flavor of other foods. Though I think the root of the problem is she doesn’t trust soy not to be gmo. We’ve been trying to eat vegan for the last couple of weeks. She had one slip up with caramel that had dairy in it, and I had cornbread a couple of times last week that had milk & eggs. She forgot about the dairy in the caramel. I just didn’t want to waste the cornbread and needed something to tone down my Ethiopian spiced noodles. We were eating like crap for a while, and went back on a from-scratch (mostly) diet to detox. I’ve been paying big time for my slipping back into processed food. Ugh. 🙂
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I have to do a Tofu Scramble and SOON! I have a block in my refrigerator! I need to use it! I wanted to do a scramble and try our WIldtree Hot Sauce in it!!!!!
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