Ginger: Amazing health benefits of ginger

Ginger root

As a child, the few times I had an upset stomach my mother would always give me a “natural tonic” of homemade ginger tea. Occasionally she would add honey and lemon to sweeten it. I loved it. It soothed my stomach upsets quickly, and soon I was back to my old self, full of energy.

My mother used a variety of natural remedies for my brother and me. She was a strong advocate of natural healing. Back then, I didn’t know why ginger worked so well. I was just happy it did. As I became older, I looked into the reasons why ginger was effective for a variety of ailments. What I found out was intriguing.
Ginger is a rhizome (underground stem.) It is harvested year-round. The longer it stays underground, before it’s harvested, the hotter an spicier it gets which makes it even more effective.

Health Benefits of Ginger

For centuries, ginger (usually called “ginger root”) has been used as an extremely effective remedy to heal a variety of ailments; digestive disorders, diarrhea, the common cold, menstrual cramps, fungus, heart conditions. It’s also been used to loosen phlegm, relieve gas, and to soothe sore throats. Over the years, it’s natural healing powers has caught the attention of science. Researchers have used Ginger effectively in certain cancer prevention. The healing powers of ginger are amazing.

Morning Sickness

When I was pregnant I briefly experienced morning sickness. I say “briefly” because once I started drinking ginger tea on a daily basis, the nausea I had been experiencing vanished. Ginger tea, quickly became my “drink of choice.” I loved ginger so much, I started using it regularly in the various vegan dishes I’d prepare.

Ginger reduces mentrual cramps

I start drinking Ginger tea a few days before my menstrual cycle. If you’re experiencing cramping, this can be, an effective way to eliminate menstrual cramping naturally.

Why is Ginger effective?

Ginger contains volatile oils which is believed to contribute to the medicinal effects of ginger. My mother was definitely on to something with ginger tea! When my seven-year old daughter has had a mild stomach upset I’ve made her ginger root tea also.

I’ve included a healthy recipe for ginger tea below. Occasionally I add the leaves of mint or lemon balm. Served hot or cold, it’s a delicious and soothing drink, with the added bonus of being great for the digestive system.

Ginger root tea

Ginger Root Tea

  • 4 cups of water
  • 2-3 inch piece of fresh ginger root
  • optional: stevia, honey, or lemon


  1. Scrub the Ginger root and cut it into thin slices.
  2. Bring the water to a boil in the teapot
  3. Add Ginger
  4. Cover the teapot, reduce heat, and let simmer for about 20 minutes.

Serve and Enjoy!

Natural Ginger Soda

If I want a fizzy drink, I’ll purchase naturally carbonated soda and add my ginger root tea. I sweeten it to taste to create my own “homemade ginger ale.” That’s the quick way I make Homemade ginger ale. The longer way, involves fermentation, stay tuned as I’ll be posing my fermented homemade ginger ale next week. I’ve already created the article, the only thing left for me to do is publish it.

A little about me:

A few years ago, I decided to go back to college to pursue another degree; Masters degree in Traditional Naturopathy. Being a natural health advocate, my focus is looking for natural ways to cure the variety of health related ailments. Of course, the natural approach isn’t always possible. I also believe if we take action before issues arise, by reclaiming our health, we can avoid many of the health related issues that are prevalent today.

I do think, the foods we eat, the amount of exercise we do, and our emotional health is closely tied together. If we’re deficient in one or more areas, it can have a negative impact on our health.


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Ginger is also one of my favorite treats – I have it crystallized or in dark chocolate. I know, I know.

It is the best remedy for my upset tummy at times. I love the tea so it’s a 2 in 1!


Hiya @Kissie,
I’ve never had it in dark chocolate, now you have me curious on its taste? All chocolate isn’t bad, I occasionally eat the raw chocolate or make my own chocolaty concoction with raw cocoa nibs.

Yes, I love the tea too! 🙂

Ali - YumVeggieBurger

I love ginger tea! My Haitian french teacher used to make it for our class in high school.

Never knew it was good for menstrual cramps though, I can’t wait to test it out on those! thanks 🙂


Hello @Ali – YumVeggieBurger, Ginger is amazing, and can be used for a variety of different ailments. I love using it in the various vegan dishes I prepare. A delightful side effect is that it’s has therapeutic benefits.

Megan@secret Santa spirit of Christmas

Goodness…I had forgotten how wonderful ginger is in tea!!!! During my pregnancies I drank ginger tea a lot. I didn’t know it was good for menstrual cramps though – how about for menopause and irregular bleeding (I need something for that!)?

We eat ginger in cooking almost nightly but it is time to bring ginger back into the teapot.

You rock, Moon woman.



Hello @Megan@secret Santa spirit of Christmas,

Ginger has been used for that too, I remember reading that dried ginger is effective as well as ginger root tea. I searched and found this information for natural ways to treat menopause, menstrual irregularities, and heavy bleeding.


I love ginger, especially ginger ale and ginger snaps. I guess those two aren’t all that healthy though. I used to drink a lot of diet Canada Dry ginger ale until one day it started bothering me. I have experienced stomach aches before from gas but these were a bit different. I would get more like chest pains after drinking a can of it. Every time I have tried since then, I experience the same chest pains. Weird huh?


Hi @Kathy!
I like ginger ale too, but I make or purchase a Jamaican ginger ale. The reason is simple, if you read the ingredients on Canada Dry Ginger ale, you’ll notice that it doesn’t include real ginger. Sure it says it on the site, but when you actually read the ingredients, ginger isn’t on the list.

Diet Canada Dry Ginger ale, can be worse. Sure it’s lower in calories but you have to factor in the chemicals that are used to lower the caloric intake, but still make it taste sweet. In this case it’s Aspartame. Aspartame has been proven to cause negative reactions in many people; headaches, stomach aches, are just a few of the reactions. When I was 19, I experienced the headaches. The aspartame was in a flavored tea. Naturally I was curious, looked at the ingredients, and headed to the library to see what exactly aspartame was. I found out a lot, and the side effects associated with the chemical.

Over the years, over 92 side effects associated with aspartame were filed with the Food & Drug Administration. Will of Noaspa has a great website negative effects of Aspertame.


@Kathy, Nabisco Ginger Snaps – the absolute best! 🙂


Ginger Root Tea is fantastic !


Hi @Will,
Indeed it is, I enjoy cooking with it and drinking the tea also. 🙂


@Moondancer, It’s the weekend, just stocked up on ginger again !!

Mavis Nong

Hi Opal,

I love ginger tea! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

All the best,
Mavis Nong


Hello @Mavis Nong,

Thanks for stopping by. I love ginger tea too, it’s delicious hot or cold. 🙂


I didn’t know Ginger reduced mentrual cramps. I’ll have to tell my daughter.


Hi @Rose,
It can be extremely helpful; there are things that a person might do to avoid the menstrual cramps completely. I don’t get them anymore. Several years ago, it used to be a painful experience, more on how I eliminate them completely in another post.


I love ginger while eating sushi! It is so good. I hadn’t thought of ginger tea before, but will try your recipe. I enjoyed your article. Thanks for sharing!


Hello @Gabrielle,
Thanks so much for stopping by my virtual home…

A few days ago, I saw your tweet about Stephen King so I had to retweet it. 🙂

Ginger is great; I used it in a lot of dishes. I love sipping it as a tea too.

Brenda Griffin

I’ve turned into a ginger freak this summer….I drink hot tea in the evening and I add it to my water through our the day along with cucumber and lemon slices.

I also have have a friend who cooks a lot of Thai…ginger in her lemon grass chicken is actually mouth-watering…and now I am totally hungry!

Never thought about making my own ginger ale to get some bubble….maybe this weekend. It’s funny, as a kid, the doctor actually told my mother to give me 2 tbls of “ginger ale” every 10- minutes when I had a bad stomach virus…funny how things that work, stick!


Hello @Brenda Griffin,

Thanks for stopping by my virtual home. I’ve never been to your site before, so I’ll be popping over there this weekend so I can have a look around your virtual home. 🙂

Ginger is natural healer, and it tastes great too. Teas are soothing, and it gives me a chance to relax. Ginger is also great in smoothies, it adds that extra kick. It makes an appearance in many of my healthy food dishes too.

be this weekend. It’s funny, as a kid, the doctor actually told my mother to give me 2 tbls of “ginger ale” every 10- minutes when I had a bad stomach virus…funny how things that work, stick!

Ginger is a great natural healer. It’s antiviral, so it definitely would be effective for stomach virus. 😉

Ileane @ Basic Blog Tips

Hi Opal, I love herbal tea so I’m more than willing to try this recipe for Ginger tea. I like the slices they give you when you buy sushi. That’s the only way I ever get my hands on those really thin slices. Thanks.


Hi @Ileane @ Basic Blog Tips, I love Ginger tea, check it out to see how you like it. It has a spicy taste to it, nice zing. Taste great and it’s good for you. 🙂

Wayne Farley

I love ginger tea, and I also include ginger as an ingredient whenever I cook. I use it primarily for the taste, but it is good to learn here of the benefits of using it.


Hi @Wayne Farley, I’ve gotten in the habit of adding ginger into most things I cook too, it’s great for eliminating gas, and it has a lotof nutrients too; Potassium, magnesium, copper, maganese, etc.,


Hey, got any recipes for Ginger Beer? I'm yearning for it and tired of $pending money to buy just one bottle when I can have it at home any time I crave. Thanks.


Hi @Kissie,
I have a few recipes, I’ll get around to posting them on here. 🙂 Yes making your own Ginger beer will definitely save you some money.


@Moondancer, Do I need a machine. On Sunday, after I asked you, I added some ginger to a gallon of distilled water. Didn’t have any turbinado in the house, only agave so there is no sweetener in it nor did I add the lemon … because I only had one of them. lol


Hello @Kissie, you won’t need a machine, but you’ll need some “Bakers Yeast”. Fleishman’s is a company that makes bakers yeast. It’s popular so you most likely will see that in the grocery store. It will need to sit for a little while. I have fond memories of my mother making my brother and me homemade root beer as children. It tasted better than any root beer I’ve had. Her homemade sodas were quite popular, and she used to make a lot for church members and school kids too. Naturally she didn’t charge them anything.

I googled and found a link that shows you how to make Homemade Ginger Ale.

I promised my daughter we’d make some Homemade Ginger Ale this weekend, so I’ll be posting a few screenshots.


On Stumbleupon, delicious – love ginger, and quite frankly, I haven't eaten enough of it recently. Down in Dallas there's a Japanese restaurant I love, and I get in tons of ginger that way – they use it as part of a dressing on salad, and of course it is used to cleanse the palate between bites of sushi.


Hiya @ashok,
Thanks, I stumbled your articles when they pop up.

Ginger has so many amazing benefits. It’s also an effective way to eliminate the body of intestinal parasites. Intestinal parasites are definitely not a third world problem. Many in Westernized cultures have them too, whether they know it or not…

Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

Hi Opal, thank you for sharing this informative post. I have always been depending on pain relievers when I get menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea. I’ve never thought of ginger tea being able to alleviate that problem. However, I was wondering.. is commercially available ginger tea okay to drink too?


Hi @Felicia @ No Deposit Poker,
You definitely can use them, choose one that has all natural ingredients. That way you know the ginger your using is real. Although it might not be as powerful as the fresh ginger root, it can still be helpful. 🙂


My mom usually do ginger tea with lemon and lil amount of sugar when we have a hoarse voice. It’s really effective! and the taste, isn’t bad at all.