Just whistle while you work…

It’s a little after 9:00 am, but I’ve still accomplished a lot around the house. All the inside work has been completed, and now my daughter and I are moving outside to complete a few projects.

Naturally, my daughter is looking forward to this, since it means more outdoor playtime for her. I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty in our garden, and walking around barefoot. Something I typically do when it’s nice outside.

Last evening, we watched the movie; Coraline again, and one day soon, I’m hoping I get a chance to write my thoughts about the movie. In some ways it was similar to the book Coraline by Neil Gamon, but a lot had been changed. Regardless, I still liked the movie, and will be purchasing it for our collection.

This evening, I’ll be putting aside my crocheted Coraline, while I work on last minute items for Mother’s Day. My daughter’s children’s choir will be singing in the Contemporary church service, at our Lutheran church, and I’ve decided to make another crocheted necklace. And I think I’ll make a few more hand-made Mother’s Day cards.

If I have time, perhaps I’ll make something for myself too.

Question: Are you doing something special for Mother’s Day?

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What a wonderful song. Louis Armstrong’s amazing talent and timeless music always bring a smile to my face. Even though this particular song is one I remember back from childhood, it still evokes the same wonderful and happy feelings inside me now that it did then. I’ll be visiting my mom and my niece (she’s a mom too) tomorrow. Today we visited my hubby’s mom and gave her a gift. So by the end of the weekend, I think we will be tired of running around. LOL. Have a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow!


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