Owl’s it going? Owl cables, appliques, and hat; finished object Friday

This past Saturday, I returned home from vacation in South Carolina. Once everything was put away, my circular needles were steadily clicking away at new projects.

Knitted cable owl applique 1

The first item I casted on were these owl appliques. The lilac owl, was the first one I made. I decided to make this knitted cable owl, as an applique before adding it to a larger project. The green owl I made slightly different. I wanted its ears to mimic the Long-eared owls I’ve seen in some of my books.

Knitted cable owl applique 2

Owl cable knit applique

My nine-year old daughter loved it, and sewed on two buttons, and used a bead for its nose.

Knitted owl cable ribbed beanie hat 1

Owl cable knit beanie hat

Since I was pleased with the knitted cable owl, I knitted a hat for her. Can you see the owls?

Although it’s a finished object I’ll be either embroidering or adding beaded eyes to her hat. Who knows, I might do a combination of both? No pattern was used for the hat, just your basic knitted rib stitch, followed by the owl cable rows, and I finished it of with stockinette stitch. The yarn used is a washable wool/polyester blend. I can knit with animal fibers but can’t wear most of them since they’ll give me a rash, and make me itch.

Knitted owl cable cowl 1

Owl cable knit cowl

She loved the hat so much that I made a cowl. With the cowl I used a different cable stitch to make the knitted owl cables, I wasn’t as pleased with this cable results, but my daughter loves her cowl. I added a lacy design to the bottom of this cowl, tossed the hat and cowl into the washer/dryer, and now they’ve been folded away until I add the eyes, then they’ll be tucked away once more until the weather gets cold.

My daughter told me she now wants cold weather, since it’ll give her the perfect excuse to wear her newest knitted items. I must say; I don’t mind making items for my nine-year old daughter. She appreciates hand crafted items, so she’s definitely crochet/knit worthy.

Knitted ribbed beanie hat 1

Ribbed knit beanie hat

The above knitted beanie hat was completed before we went on vacation, and originally it had a crochet trim at the bottom of that hat, but since I wasn’t feeling that trim, I removed it, kept on knitting in simple stockinette stitch, transferred my circulars for double pointed knitting needles, finished the decrease rows, and marked this off as a finished object.

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Stacey (FreshStitches)

Those owls are super-cute!
Stacey (FreshStitches) recently posted..Show your CAL Cow!

Paula @ KnitandSeek

Owl city! Really cute, the lot of them. I can see why your daughter was so smitten!
Paula @ KnitandSeek recently posted..FO Friday – Temporary Amnesia Edition


That is just too cool! Love it!
DragonLady recently posted..And then came the final blow


Nice apliqués!
Jazz recently posted..Terminado


Ah!!! No wonder you have not been around for a while. Hope you had a nice holiday in South Carolina. No post on that? All I know about the place is that it is mentioned in some song that I know… LOL!!!
suituapui recently posted..The last one…

Wonder Why Gal

I love these owls and have yet to knit something with them. Yours look great!
Wonder Why Gal recently posted..Fiber Arts Friday – Spreading the Wonder


Oh, squeee! That owl is adorable! I love how your daughter finished it off with the button eyes and bead! I think I would be decorating all my clothing with those little appliques! Soo cute! I like your modifications to make the ears longer – it definies the owl even more. And I am still loving that beanie!
teeni recently posted..July News


Oh, so envious of your knitting skills! those sweet owl cables are right at the top of my “reasons to learn to knit” list, and you’ve made them beautifully, both as cables on the hat and the sweet little embellishments. 🙂

I love that hat in the last photo, too, what great colours! I’m so glad your daughter is appreciative of handmade stuff—you do great work, and it’s good to know that it’s being loved. (And made for someone you love.)
Kathleen recently posted..Sneaking Back Into Blogland, Day Two.


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