Photography: I hate bath time!

Bathtime 1

Uh! Oh! Mommy’s running water and she’s not hopping in, that only means one thing….

Bathtime Mr Bentley 3

Bath time! I moved too slow and mommy caught me. Darn it! I hate getting wet!

Bathtime Mr Bentley 2


Bathtime Mr Bentley 1

<whines> I’m all wet! You better dry me off!

Isn’t he adorable? Earlier this morning I gave Mr. Bentley, our Shih Tzu, a bath. He isn’t too fond of them, but these days he doesn’t put up a fight. He suffers in silence while I shampoo and then dry his fur with a hair dryer.

The photos were taken with my Nikon D80, no edits.

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Oh my goodness! How cute!!! Such a sweetie! Thanks for sharing the pics! I love them all – of course – because of Mr. B – but – I also like the water capture in the first one! Awesome! πŸ™‚

I need to give Riley one…he’s awful at bathtime…I have to take him to the doggiewash because he rips the bathtub liner out! LOL

Suzie isn’t crazy about them but I can grab her and after awhile she puts up less of a fight! HA!

Paco is doing better! He even lets me do his nails with the pedi-PAWs! The other two…no way no how with the nails! Oye!


LOL – that’s great πŸ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Premium Sencha Zuiko from Den’s Tea


WHOA! I just realized there are THREE of me on your top commenters! LOL Oh dear…at times I don’t think the world wants to handle ONE of me let alone THREE…hahahaha
Jennifer recently posted..Premium Sencha Zuiko from Den’s Tea


Awww thanks! I’m glad you allow more than one site πŸ™‚ That is cool! Speaking of which – I just posted a new audio file that Dale did πŸ™‚ Thanks again for the help earlier today πŸ™‚
Jennifer recently posted..Email Question with an Audio Answer


LOL!!! Some dogs hate it but some take to water like a fish…
suituapui recently posted..Coincidence…


Hiya! It’s almost time – to get back to the daily grind…not really looking forward to Monday but I have set some goals for myself this week! Juicing, for one! I found a neat juicing recipe app that is sure to help! Thinking of mostly raw and if cooked more Quinoa…I’m still considering a detox just trying to figure out which one, ya know? How was your weekend?
Jennifer recently posted..First Chalk-Ah-Lot Challenge


Oh, he is so cute!! And he definitely hate being wet! My Adorable Jack Russel terrier is the same, but in contrast she loves being in the mud:(
Anna recently crown

Kate Brown Wilson

What a cute pet picture, how I wish that my pet will post like this. the only advantage here is my dog really loves water.
Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Baby Eagle

Kate Brown Wilson

That so sad to know, but I’m sure that you will always remember her, don’t worry Opal I will soon post my pet Marley’s photo soon.
Kate Brown Wilson recently posted..Baby Eagle

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Aww, just tracked back here from a more current post. That is one adorable dog! The photos are great. It’s so funny that they don’t like baths but love rolling in mud or grass. I always wonder what they are thinking and feeling. Once, we rescued two kittens that were covered in so much garbage and filth that they couldn’t possibly clean themselves so we had to give them baths. It was the only time they “allowed” us to give them a bath, and they even purred the whole time because I think they knew they were never going to be able to get that clean on their own. Once they were cleaned up, they took over from there and kept themselves clean. But it was worth it because they ended up having the most beautiful long hair and they had a loving home with us until they passed.

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