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Raw food pasta; What do I need to make raw vegetable pasta?

I was never fond of the traditional pasta noodles; It was simply too much flour for my taste. Imagine my happiness when I stumbled upon real veggie pasta… Now granted, I’d made my own veggie pasta over the years. I have a manual Atlas Pasta machine. During that time, I’ve cranked out many sheets of […]

My first cooking lesson; Five years old

I have fond memories of preparing meals for my family. I started at a very young age.  I recall being only five years old when I prepared my first meal on a wood stove. Initially I’d said I was four, the more I thought about it, I realized that we didn’t have a woodstove in […]

How to make your own dream pillow; Sweet Dreams Pillow Recipe

Did you know that Dream pillows used to be called comfort pillows? I found that out in my second grade class. For the record, I had no clue what dream pillows were either. However thanks to my amazing second grade teacher, Mrs. Kyte,  she clued me in, and since then, I’ve always had them. We loved […]

Natural Remedies: Minty fresh anti-fungal foot powder

  If you’re looking for natural remedies for nail fungus or simply looking for  an all natural anti-fungal foot powder recipe. You’ve come to the right place. Over the past several days, I’ve been writing about nail fungus, and ways we can prevent it. In part two of the series, I included recipes that might […]

Natural Remedies For Nail Fungus

In the last article, I wrote about what nail fungus is, what causes it, and a few things you can do to prevent getting it. However if you already have nail fungus you might want to try these natural approaches to eliminating the nail fungal infection before using over the counter remedies. As stated, the nail […]

Nail fungus: What is it? Can I eliminate it using natural remedies?

A few years ago, one of my friends suffered from nail fungus. She wasn’t too happy since it meant she’d be hiding her feet behind closed shoes or attempting to mask the offending nail fungus with nail polish. Frustrated she asked me did I know of any holistic approach to treat her toenail fungus? I surely […]

Diabetes: Can Type II Diabetes be reversed following a raw food lifestyle?

About three years ago, I made a switch to an all raw diet. What got me started was a juice fast. I had already been eating a high amount of raw foods, but I had never consumed 100% raw foods for days at a time. After the raw juice cleanse ended I decided to ease back into consuming […]